Wednesday, April 22, 2015


- An Empty Space- 

Today I sat at the pond with my art journal rendering about symbols that I could use at this stage of life. I had four circles up on the page in front of me. I started filling each circle with text until a symbol came to mind while writing. Spontaneously the first symbol that I came up with was a heart. The second was a key. Hey, I'm on a role I thought.... The third symbol I came upon was a teardrop. But with fourth and last circle I just had no idea whatsoever. No symbol came to mind. Nothing, nada, nichts... I waited. Watched the geese as the flew away. Saw the hare hop away from his hiding space. Listened to two toads quaking together at each end of the pond. But still, no symbol whatsoever came to mind.

Then I looked up at the sky. The endless blue. Not a cloud in the sky. No plane either. Nothing, nothing at all. Just an empty space. My heart opened with a teardrop in my eye. That's it! The fourth symbol... just an empty space. Who knows what time will bring, maybe I will fill it some day!

What are your symbols?



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