Thursday, October 15, 2015

My first Art Retreat... in London

Yes, with the one and only Jane {Danger) Davenport!!!!

I had such a wonderful time. And I do know that I will know be going to Art Retreats on a regular basis. It was just so wonderful. I wanna let you in on my trip to London...
We all stayed at the wonderful "Windmill" in Clapham Common, London
I have to let you take a peek at my breakfast ... and the tea. Mmmmhhhhh!

Our days where full of fun creating...

watching Jane create  

{ and seeing her journals "in person" !!}

visiting { and yes, even creating} ...
in museums 
visiting shops

and spending our evenings together, sharing our stories.

Yippie, even got some goodies from Jane herself!!!

And yes, we even destroyed bad art supplies!
We actually wanted to burn them ;-)

It was just so exciting. One whole week of serious fun &
creativity with beautiful woman. Exploring London with all of what it has to offer.

Now I will be taking my art journal with me more often than usual. Maybe go to a coffee shop or museum and sketch, paint or just ponder and look through that journal.
Back home I realize that I truly need art and creativity. It inspires me, calms me, nourishes me. And yes, it soothes my soul. Hope that you have some time to get creative too!


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