Wednesday, January 13, 2016

The true essence of art journaling...

Art Journaling can take you anywhere
I love fine arts but even more I love to art journal. Especially in altered books. I just love small hardbound books. I gesso each and every page. This takes quite a bit of time and is very painstaking... and heaven forbid, never ever gesso the other side of that page if it hasn't dried for 24 hours! Otherwise it will become total mush!! But after all pages have been gessoed and are completely dry that's when the fun begins...
Just using colors of all kinds... then going further. Maybe with pencil, maybe with pen. Maybe even both. I let my creativity run free. I might just sew something onto the page.
That's the true essence of art journaling. You just never know what will appear on that page nor where that journal will take you.

Hope you have fun creating.



  1. Great painted portrait. I love the colors and patterns in the background.

    1. Thank you for stopping on by dear Fran!

  2. fab portrait and journal pages. And yes, gessoing first is a good thing:) Happy PPF!

  3. your page is wonderful and I like the glimpse into how it started!

  4. I love to play in my altered book as well, but not doing it as often as before. Your page is beautiful and color rich.

  5. really beautiful! love the textures and layering. Happy PPF! Happy weekend!

  6. your work! Wonderful swirls of vibrant colour!!

    Hugs Giggles

  7. So pretty! Love the colors, especially the eyes!

  8. Such a pretty page. Lots of color and details.

  9. Love your face such wonderful use of colour. Hugs Debsxx


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